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When the electric pumping liquid pump overload protector

Published Time:2022-07-13 14:37:35

Electric pump pump because of his practical convenience be used in chemical, oil, liquid food industry, but when it encounters the thick oil, or with strong degree of chemical liquid, often because of the work load is overheating and burning motor coil and damage to the machine, when the electric pump pump with overload protector, when the motor current exceeds rating, can immediately cut off current, after powrefailure automatic reset after 1 ~ 2 minutes, more security to protect the motor, and make your machine durability.
Grazing, D72 stainless steel pump after years of research, on the fuselage equipped with overload protector and constant work 6 gear speed switch, and his large power of 1280 w, his work scope increases greatly, can be used in chemical, oil, liquid food industry, with special extraction with high degrees of engine oil, is more convenient