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The safety of the electric pump pump need to know

Published Time:2022-07-13 14:37:47

Animal husbandry, use and maintenance of electric pumping liquid pump people:
1.new or long-term on the electric pumping liquid pump, when unpacking the case using the 500 v megohmmeter, measure all electric parts and may reach the insulation resistance between metal parts, when close to working temperature should be not less than 7 megohm.
2.before use, must check whether the terminal is firm, reliable grounding wire must be strong.
3.check whether the power supply voltage and rated voltage, cannot be more than or less than 10% rated voltage of power supply.
4.the use of the pump, do not damage wire, avoid water, oil into the motor, switch, electrical parts.
5.this machine is not explosion-proof type prohibited under the condition of containing flammable and corrosive gas, to ensure the safety in production and the normal work of the original electric.
6.if found to have abnormal noise when in use, should immediately stop and check the reason, to try to eliminate rear can continue to use.
7.this should not be empty pump running, when using, immediately stop pump the liquid absorption, due to the pump motor no-load speed can reach 10000 r/division, otherwise will be worn, universal joint, impeller serious will damage the pump pipe.
8.change the brush, brush wear to cannot use should immediately change, otherwise it will damage the commutator, serious will burn out motor.
9.electric pump pump should be checked regularly, at least once every three months to check, not frequently used should be maintenance once a month, maintenance should all apart, eliminate internal dust and grease. If too much on the commutator available alcohol scrubbing the commutator surface. If there are any damaged parts, should change the same parts.
10.need not when please placed in dry, clean without corrosive gas environment.
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