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Quantity: 4
Carton: 52 x30x36
Gross weight: 20
Net weight: 18
Polishing wheel diameter: 150/180mm 
Rated Input power: 1050W
No-Load Speed: 600~3000r/min
Rater Voltage: 220V~
Rater Frequency: 50/60Hz

Animal husbandry polishing machine comprehensive considering the needs of users, using the lock pin device can easily put polishing sponge.
A six-speed constant power electronic speed, optimal speed range (600 ~ 3000 RPM) and high torque for processing various surface provides the best choice.
Semicircle ergonomic handle needed for optimal operation and eliminate the polishing fatigue
Fine motor, high wear-resisting gear can withstand a great deal of load, and long service life
Is car decorating wax polishing, stone polishing good helper
Polishing wheel diameter: 180 mm
Rated Input power: 1050 w
No - Load Speed: 600 ~ 3000 r/min
Rater Voltage: 220 v ~
Note note
1. Keep the working area clean.
2. Don't in the rain, the excessive moisture or use of flammable liquids and gases.
3. The power cord to stay away from heat, oil and sharp objects, should change in time when the power cord damage, do not contact with bare guide body to prevent electric shock.
4. The tools should be put in dry when not in use, and out of the reach of children.
5. Don't want to use more than tools work ability, don't use small power tools to do the work of heavy load in order to avoid damage.
6. Don't use this tool to do its function outside of work.
7. Must wear the uniform at work and wear safety glasses.
8. The tool when not dangerous to unplug the power cord to prevent accidental activation.